emilio wilson portret (003)
Emilio’s is named in honor of Emilio Wilson, deceased owner of the Estate  where we are located, Industry and Golden Rock Estates. Emilio was the Grand  son of Henriette or Big Mamie as Emilio called her. Big Mamie was a slave on the plantation. Emilio worked on the plantation doing various jobs ranging from Milking Cows to picking rocks. In 1954, he bought the plantation for $8,200. He was a kind and strong character and is considered a hero and symbol of the strength and determination of the Afro Caribbean man.
Emilio’s is located within the walls of the plantation’s Sugar Cane Boiling house. With the destruction  of the Estate’s Great House (now a museum) in 1995 by Hurricane Luis, the boiling house became Emilio’s home – so the good energy you feel from these 17th century walls, it is Emilio proudly looking down at his legacy being celebrated.